Best Batangas Tourist Spots – Things To Do In Batangas, Philippines

Looking for the best tourist spots and attractions in Batangas? Batangas boasts having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, lakes and sceneries thus making this one of the most visited tourist spots and landmarks close to Manila in the Philippines.

Furthermore, the famous Taal Volcano is found in this province as well as old look looking houses and buildings. It shows this region’s great heritage, culture, and rich history.

Its international seaport is the second largest port in the Philippines in terms of revenue collection. It has slowly grown in a prosperous industrial area over the past few years. If you intend to visit Batangas and looking for the best tourist spots, you will be spoiled for many options.

Here are some of the must-visit Batangas tourist spots and destinations which will leave you wanting more.

Visit Taal Volcano

Looking for the best tourist spots in Batangas?

It is the world’s smallest active volcano. It has a fantastic view that consequently attracts the attention of thousands of tourists from around the globe annually to the towns of San Nicolas and Talisay. The volcano stands at 1,020 feet high and throughout its history has experienced 33 recorded eruptions.

Despite this, it is still the country’s second most active volcano, showing why the island is nicknamed the Volcano Island. If you are looking for the perfect holiday, this is an ideal destination with the trek to the crater taking approximately 45 minutes, and this depends on how fast your group walks.

Furthermore, if you find walking to be quite strenuous, you can reach the crater through a horse ride while enjoying the tranquil surroundings.

Villa Escudero Day Tour

Initially, during the 1880s, it was a coconut plantation before transforming to the gorgeous resort it is now, and this is one place while you are touring Batangas that you must visit.

At Villa Escudero, you will get to experience Philippine’s history, culture, and heritage. One can enjoy various activities such as fishing, nature watching, swimming, and the captivating native dances. Additionally, the accommodation offered at this resort is both relaxing and has a diverse range of sizes, thus making this the ideal place to stay while touring Batangas.

Taal Lake Tour

Situated on Philippines’ Luzon Island, this beautiful freshwater lake fills the crater which is the product of many huge eruptions which took place lots of years ago, that is more than 100,000 years ago.

Flocks of visitors from various parts of the globe to visit this site, with Lake Taal being the third biggest lake in the Philippines, its size being 25 km long, 100 meters deep and 18 km wide. Moreover, while at the lake, you can conveniently enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains which you can decide to hike or enjoy a horse ride.

Milea Orchard and Bee Farm

This bee farm is where Batangas’ cosmetic products are produced usually from natural bee wax, with the firm belief in organic products. Milea Orchard and Bee Farm was established seven years ago. Apart from just being a great place to tour, it is also an educational site that is open every day.

While touring this farm, you may learn some interesting facts about bees such as there only exists seven bee species in the world.

Apolinario Mabini Shrine

This shrine was built in tribute of Apolinario Mabini, one of Philippines’ founding fathers. It is a place filled with a lot of history as well as where some of Mabini’s artifacts and possessions are kept.

Also, this magnificent shrine is surrounded by attractive gardens and green grass. It offers you a peaceful relaxation as you get to enjoy your holiday touring through Batangas, while still being educational.

No entrance fees are needed to enter this building. It has two floors filled with exhibits, and you can quickly acquire unique souvenirs to take with you back home.

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

The Philippines is often famed for its magnificent beaches in comparison to many other tourist destinations. This venue is a place where you need to spend at least a whole weekend.

Furthermore, this beach offers you a beautiful look, and the range of activities you can engage here include boating, taking walks on the beach, picnics, swimming among many other activities.

Therefore, while enjoying your day with family and friends along the beach’s serene surrounding as you enjoy the excellent weather, you will leave Batangas with only fond memories of the extraordinary moments you had.

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