Best Laguna Tourist Spots For Your Next Weekend Getaway

Life calls for a break from routine work duties and enjoys life a little bit. Many people like to break the boredom of everyday chores by taking a break and having a good time, but they lack knowledge on where to go.

The article is aiming to enlighten the public on best Laguna tourist spots. For years this province is known for its delicious espasol, buko pie, and the rich cultural heritage.

The history and vast natural wonders all over cannot be underestimated. The area is highly accessible from Manila due to great road network making it very popular for both local and international tourists.

Here are the major tourist spots to visit in Laguna.

The Makiling Botanic Garden

The fun of moving out for adventure is highly characterized by adventure and nature walk. The sites are best if visited in the morning to enjoy the morning beauty. The Makiling botanic garden is found in the leading University of Philippines Los Banos campus.

At the scene, visitors can enjoy a very conducive environment with fresh air and get to see the variety of indigenous plants that are rare to find in traditional gardens.

Lake Yambo, Nagcarlan

Nagcarlan provides such a beautiful body of water to visit and relax around. The scenario is very conducive to bond and has family time around. There are various lakes in Laguna, in fact, Lake Yambo is the most popular to tourists. The lake is very accessible as it is just 30-minute drive from the town.

The visitors can have a boat ride, take pictures and enjoy paddling in the beautiful lake using the bamboo raft. The visitors always have nostalgic moments after the visit and long to visit back.

The Hulugan Falls, Luisiana

Best Laguna Tourist Spots For Your Next Weekend Getaway

No one in love with nature can miss paying a visit to this spot once in the Philippines. The waterfall creates such a thrilling nature experience that makes everyone touring the area have memorable moments. The variety of trees and vegetation provides fresh air for visitors. The aura and great nature expedition draw a good number of both local including international tourists to the area.

The Rizal Shrine, Calamba

It is the most prominent shrine in Philippine and the most visited by tourists. The sanctuary houses various historical hero memorabilia including the great Dr. Jose Rizal. There is a good space for kids to have their games and family or friends to bond. Upon your visit, one has the opportunity to visit the Calambanga, which is a few minutes’ walks from the Rizal shrine.

The Old Churches

Christians get lots of satisfaction in visiting these churches. The Catholic believers have a routine of observing the holy week there in the old churches as an honor to saints. The place offers a serene environment for meditation and worship.

Christians especially catholic gather here to reflect on deeds of saints and enlighten recruits on the history of the religion. Among the churches you need to visit include; Saint Anthony, Saint Polycarp, Saint John the Baptist among others.

The churches are magnificent and rich in church history. We highly encourage you to pay a visit to these churches, and you will benefit a lot.

The Splash Island Resort and Spa

The outdoor activities culminate at this recreational facility full of fun and various activities. The facility is ideal for all types of people to visit since it has different facilities. Many people prefer the spa since they can get there with their kids to play kids game and color splash as the family and friends bond or do team building.

The Japanese Garden

The lovers of history will not visit Laguna and miss to pass by this historical site. The garden serves as a historical site for the memory of the Japanese soldiers who passed on during the WW11.

The landmark was a site set apart as a respected to fallen soldiers, and many people go there to learn what happened and to pay a tribute. It is an excellent sign of honor.

The Villa Escudero

The site was founded centuries ago and is very rich in Filipino culture. There is a need to visit and have a taste of the coconut and other coconut products since it is a working coconut plantation founded centuries ago.

In the villa you can choose to visit the waterfalls in the famous Lebasin, tour the museum and have meals at their is a vibrant tourist attraction center.

villa escudero

We can conclude by saying that Laguna, in particular, is among the best tourist spots in the Philippines due to various attractions and landmarks available for a visit.

The place is well known for culture and heritage conservation alongside historical architectural work. Their museums are well packed, and one benefits a lot. Any visit to Laguna adds some experience in life.

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