Best Manila Tourist Spots – Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

Want to know the best Manila tourist spots to visit? Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Manila is not just the capital city. It offers you the perfect base of tracing the journey of the Filipinos through the years of Spanish colonization, wars and more so the essence of this thriving city.

Best Manila Tourist Spots - Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

You can find the traces by the numerous attractions that can be seen around the entire city. Manila boasts highly affordable hotel accommodations too. There are many popular tourist attractions that are worth a visit despite the crowds and fees.

Many transportation options allow travelers to explore this beautiful city. Most of its transportation is designed to save you lots of transportation expenses and time. One can take the passenger jeepneys which gives the tourists the opportunity to discover places across different routes within Manila. Another option is the LRT and MRT to escape from the heavy traffic during rush hour.

Manila is just one of the most colorful cities in the world that can keep you wondering about its bizarre offerings. You will never run out of things to do when you are in Manila. You can always find an adventure anywhere you go.

Whether you are looking for Manila nightlife, looking for the best restaurants in Manila, sure Manila has absolutely everything. There are some famous tourist spots in Manila that you need to visit.

Quiapo, Manila

The Church of Quiapo is one the most popular places to visit in Manila. Quiapo, popularly known as the “Old Downtown of Manila” is a district with the melting pot of religion, mysticism, and business. As the bells of the grand Quiapo Church rings, the street vendors allure passerby to purchase candles and light them at the church.

They believe this can make your wishes come true. The color of the candles has its vibrant effect. You can light and burn the pink candles for finding pure and gentle love or the black ones which are used to knock on someone’s conscience. If you want to get the best possible luck, you can have a bundle of every color they have!


Basilica of San Sebastian

The Basilica of San Sebastian stands along Plaza Del Carmen, just a few hundred meters from Quiapo district. This Church is the only prefabricated all-steel church in the country and in Asia. Famous historians have confirmed that Gustave Eiffel took part in its design and construction of this Basilica.

You can see the details of the Gothic architecture if you stand right outside the church. This place is also a picture-worthy backdrop to the colorful pedicabs, passenger jeepneys, and food vendors.

In addition to the churches in Manila, you can also explore and visit the Manila Ocean Park, get your adrenaline pumped in the Star City rides at the Star City amusement park, and shopping at the SM Mall of Asia.

After spending a few days traveling and exploring the best Manila tourist spots, perhaps you might want to take a break outside of the city. Some hotels and resorts offer you a perfect weekend getaway near Manila.

LA Virginia Hotel and Resort is only two to three hours away from Manila. You can relax and enjoy the dinner while overlooking the famous Taal Lake. You can do wall climbing, archery, and swimming while in this resort. Another place you can also try is the Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort in Quezon. This place is located in Tayabas City which can be hopped on by a bus from Manila.

This Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan is known for good food like seafood buffet, Filipino spareribs, and local favorite ensaladang pako. Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan recommends travelers to try fresh seafood and Filipino delicacies.

There is obviously the more interesting places to can visit outside but not too far from Manila and most of them are worthy to discover.

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