A Guide on the Best Things to Do in Dipolog

Dipolog is one the most exotic tourist destinations in the Philippines. However, not many people are well aware about the attractions and activities in this paradise. Dipolog’s attractions are mostly outdoor and the pleasant weather leads the vacation in the Dipolog City into the perfection for sure. Take the Air Asia promo in order to get to this city gem.

Dipolog City is situated at the Zamboanga Peninsula. It’s well-known for its stunning beach with undoubtedly clear water.

Here are the best things to do in Dipolog City for your next holiday.

Sunset Boulevard Sightseeing

Dipolog has one of the world’s best sunset experience. It has its own Dipolog Sunset Boulevard for sure. You’re free to walk the boulevard, choose the best spot, and wait for the sun to set. It could be the end of your walk tour on the wide foreshore. After the sunset, the surrounding area would transform into the crowd where you can find good food and live music. Spending your night would’ve never been better than this world.

dipolog attractions

Beach Trip at Aliguay Island

Aliguay Island would be the best beach trip in your life. Aliguay Island has the stunning beach with white sand and clear blue water. Watersports are fully accommodated in this Island including surfing, kayaking, diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming, and many more. It has also the best place in Dipolog to taste the tasty seafood menus which are freshly served. In addition to Air Asia promo tickets, you may also research the best offers of the Aliguay Island complete tour packages.

Hiking and Trekking at Linabo Peak

If you want to take your adventure in Dipolog, then hiking at the Linabo Peak would be the best option. There will be three thousands of step trail and the stunning view of Dapitan and Dipolog City altogether will be waiting on the end of the track. Don’t worry even if you’re new to hiking, you can access the stairway to the top and just enjoy the magical view. The best time to hike Linabo Peak is following the sunrise at the top, it’s thrilling and calming at the same time.


Magsaysay Park and Plaza Tour

Park and Plaza combination never fails to pamper everyone’s senses. You can take your time walking, relaxing, and even reading the book across Magsaysay Park. The natural atmosphere is very pleasant and time just flies here. Well, it could be the quiet side of Dipolog city tour, since Magsaysay Park is situated in the same area with the famous Holy Rosary Cathedral of Dipolog as well as the City Hall. If you take your family with you, then Magsaysay is a must-visit destination during your vacation in Dipolog City.

Visiting Sungkilaw Falls

There are few places in the world where you can dip yourself in the refreshingly cool water after trekking and surrounded green forest, Sungkilaw Falls is definitely one of them. You’ll have to take a long walk through the trails to the falls but you once you’ve reached it, the big rewards are yours.

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