Why Dapitan should be on your travel bucket list

Dapitan is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. Dapitan City is situated at the Zamboanga peninsula, Mindanao island. This city is the collaboration of historical charm, modern attraction, stunning sceneries, pleasant atmosphere, beach paradises, and tons of activities. If you want a comprehensive vacation for your next holidays in the Philippines, then this city should be on your list.

Dakak Beach Resort Activities

The Dakak beach resort is one of few places in the world which offer very complete activities in one place. From mountain to beach, from land to water, adventure to sports, Dakak has them all. These following activities are widely available in Dakak beach resort alone: trekking, climbing, bungee jumping, horseback riding, zip lining, airsoft gun. In other words, watersports including scuba diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, paddling, banana or speedboat riding, and so forth.

dakak beach resort

Note: three days aren’t enough, one week is minimum.

City Tour

The city of Dapitan is the charm of Zamboanga del Norte, enjoying the city itself is an unforgettable experience. The weather and atmosphere are very pleasant across the city. It doesn’t have to be a strictly-planned city tour, just enjoy the walk whenever you could. Otherwise, you can simply rent a bicycle at an affordable price and reach more areas in Dapitan City, just be safe on riding. A guided tour is suggested if you have fewer days to spend in Dapitan City.

dapitan city

Sunset at Santa Cruz Beach

It’s either the place or the sunset itself which makes the beach a must-visit. You can walk through the Sunset Boulevard and witness the clear view of the sunset at the Rizal’s landing site. You can end your city tour at the Santa Cruz beach for the sunset. It’s suggested to dedicate one day for your Dapitan City tour.

Having Fun at Gloria’s Fantasyland

fantasyland dapitanIf you’re in a family vacation in Dapitan City and you’re taking your kids with you, then you must take them to Gloria’s Fantasyland. It’s actually theme park which opens at night for 5-6 hours only. However, Gloria’s Fantasyland will exhaust you with tons of fun rides. The good news is that you won’t go broke since the rides at Gloria’s Fantasyland are available at an affordable price. It’s suggested to avoid excessive activities in the morning if you’re planning to go to Gloria’s Fantasyland in the night.

Water Experiences at Aliguay Island

Most areas in Zamboanga peninsula may share Aliguay Island as the common tourist destination. You may find other tourists depart from Dipolog city and hunt the same water experiences. You can either relax in the white-sanded beach or go diving for the best underwater world in Aliguay Island.

Historical Journey at Heritage Houses of Dapitan

Dapitan is a historical city so its history is actually one of the major attractions too. The most represented place is the Heritage Houses of Dapitan. Here, you can enjoy the historical guides which showcase the Dapitan’s heritage through civilization stages. A guided tour is highly advisable if you want to get a comprehensive experience at this heritage house.

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