Laoag Sand Dunes Adventure

Want something extra special for your next holiday escapade in Laoag? How about Laoag sand dunes adventure? There is a city in the province of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines called Laoag City. The city offers a comprehensive travel adventure escapade through stunning destinations which include historical landmarks, beaches, parks, sand dunes as well as tons of activities.

laoag sand dunes adventure

These following destinations are the mandatory Ilocos tourist spot. It should be on your itinerary if you’re visiting Laoag on your next holiday.

1. La Paz Sand Dunes

La Paz Sand Dunes is the most prominent adventure destinations in Laoag. The major adventure of Sand Dunes is riding the 4×4 jeep. It crosses the sandy terrain which offers a thrilling but pleasing experience. The sand dunes Ilocos tour package usually include more than just a 4×4 ride but boarding and surfing over the area along the way. La Paz Sand Dunes is a mandatory Ilocos spot in Laoag area.

laoag sand dunes

2. Museo Ilocos Norte

The Museo Ilocos Norte is also the best Ilocos tourist spot which offers a historical experience. The museum showcases the artifacts, cultural goods, agricultural tools of Ilocos. You may find historical information and showcase of both Ilocos indigenous and Spanish colonization era. One must take a guided tour in Museo Ilocos Norte for a better experience in the museum. The good news is that the museum is also open on Sundays.

3. Paoay Lake National Park

If you take an adventure-based of Ilocos tour package for your next vacation, ensure that it includes a destination like Paoay Lake National Park. It’s where the adventure can go so relaxing due to calming lake views, wildlife, and eligible boating experience. It’s a bit more like a conservation area where endangered species live peacefully here. The good news is that you can treat it as part of accommodation in Laoag City since there are many Laoag hotels and resorts nearby the National Park. They share a similar atmosphere and easy access to the lake.

4. Paoay Church

Paoay Church is a very popular Ilocos tourist spot and it’s one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites yet one of the oldest church in the Philippines. The main attractions are of course the detailed architecture and historical background of the Paoay Church. The gothic design is stunning and well represent the Spanish colonization era. Even though you can take a guided tour, the details of the church seem speaking through itself. Tourists never miss Paoay Church as they’re visiting Laoag city.

5. Culinary

Yes, culinary is always a part of an adventure and this becomes more special as you’re in the Laoag Sand Dunes adventure. The suggested menu includes but isn’t limited to poqui-poqui, Empanada, eggplant salad, Dinakdakan, Laoag longganisa, and many more. You can either choose food stalls or fine dining, no one will hold you to get good meals in Laoag. As it’s an adventure, don’t hesitate to try unfamiliar food menus in Ilocos.

Ensure that your Ilocos tour package includes these destinations. Get the best Laoag sand dunes adventure experience for your next holidays.

Photo credits: Martin San Diego | Official photographer of Lakbay Norte

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