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This Philippines travel guide has all you need to know how to plan your trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines


Start your adventure in The Philippines.

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of many islands and is one of the countries with the largest population.

Of course, most Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar are among the best tourist destinations in the world. However, unfamiliar to some, the Philippines is yet another spectacular country that has so much to offer. The Philippines is surely another amazing country you need to visit. Your experience with the Philippines will always live in your hearts forever. The locals will never cease to amaze! Let’s talk about great generosity and hospitality, wonderful friendly locals, awesome food and culture, stunning sights and so much more. You get to enjoy all these and so much more when traveling to and while in the Philippines.

Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

The Philippines comprises of more than 7,100 islands and is surrounded by the clear ocean with amazing coral reefs. With such a significant number of islands and shorelines, obviously, the Philippines is the primary target of travelers, both local and outside, to explore and rediscover the islands.


Here are some of the main reasons why you should visit the Philippines:

Amazing Locals

In so many ways, the Philippines is a very blessed nation. This can especially be seen through the amazing people who live there. The locals are super friendly and generous. They are very hospitable and know how to treat guests properly. These brilliant folks are very open about their culture and their background.

In terms of entertainment, I don’t think you will ever meet any other country like The Philippines. The locals are very friendly and hilarious and will always entertain their guests using all means possible. Most of the Filipinos can speak English and will never hesitate; actually, they are always eager to offer their help. Travel to this beautiful country and you are bound to fall in love with these people.

Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

Spectacular Beaches

If you haven’t been to the Philippines, then you haven’t seen out of this world beaches yet. The waters are deep blue creating a marvelous contrast with the white sandy beaches. When looking at the beaches from a distance, you could almost confuse the view for the ones on websites and magazines.

In short, what we mean is that if you are looking to have that heavenly experience of a perfectly beautiful place, most of the beaches featured in the Philippines qualify for the same.

Enjoy incredible water activities and adventure

Apart from glorious beaches, the Philippines is also home to some of the best marine parks and sanctuaries. As a matter of fact, Apo Island, a relatively small island situated in the Negros province is one of the most popular and incredibly beautiful marine sanctuaries in the world. It’s packed with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful marine life including starfish and corals among hundreds of other species.

You also get the opportunity to swim around and snorkel with giant sea turtles. This is because the island features a breeding zone for these harmless, yet very exciting huge sea creatures. In our personal experience, the Philippines offers one of the best and most exciting beach experience including perfect white and blue beaches, premium water parks and diving sites and so much more.

Mystic and diverse, yet very calm nature

Yet another super attractive Philippines feature that is bound to have you fall in love with the place is its wildlife. As a matter of fact, the Philippines is known for a very diverse and wide array of plant species. Some of the plants in the region are as rare as they come. Studies indicate that the Philippines wildlife features more than 600 bird species, 200 mammal species, and over 300 reptile species. Beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, caves and relatively dense lush green forests packed in the Philippines makes the place breathtaking.

Experience an amazing ride in the Jeepney

One of the best and fun activities to do while in the Philippine streets is enjoying a Jeepney ride. Now, back after the Second World War, American troops left back some old military jeeps. Being very creative, the locals customized these rides for public transport. Adding remarkable and colorful designs, flashy paintings and ornaments among other add-on feature making these jeepneys beautiful and perfectly comfortable and safe.

On average, a jeepney can carry between 16 to 20 passengers including the driver. However, some are customized to accommodate more passengers.

In summary, the Philippines is just one of the best countries to visit. The reasons stated above can be compared to a drop in the ocean of exactly what the country has to offer. The country is also very well developed with beautiful modern urban centers. On top of all that, the country is considerably cheap making the trip adventures and getaways relatively affordable. The Philippines should be on your bucket list.

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