Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

El Nido is just one of the many beatiful destinations in Palawan, Philippines. It’s famous for its white sand, coral reefs, and clear water.

El Nido is just one of the tourist destinations that we considered in demand for both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides presenting a beautiful view of the beach, in El Nido, one can also enjoy various water activities. This island has many interesting points for diving and underwater caves that are very hard to miss.

Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

There are also some activities that you can do in El Nido besides swimming and diving. One can rent boats, engage in rock climbing, and enjoy culinary the tours. To enjoy all the natural beauty and experience all the water activities in El Nido one can explore the island by DIY (do it yourself), or for your convenience, you can purchase El Nido tour package from a tour agent. There are several places that are in high demand by tourists who visit El Nido. Among them are Island Hopping, Taraw Cliff experience, and trying food in local restaurants which spread across the coast.

Island Hopping in El Nido

El Nido Island Hopping is a primary activity for those who want to travel by boating. One can rent a boat at the local port which has been licensed by the city tourism office. Standard rate is applied on boat rentals and do not depend on the number of passengers. If you choose to do the island hopping, you can visit at least five to six places in a day. There are also several diving schools, Deep Blue Safari and Submariner Diving Center to name a few.

Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

Diving in El Nido

By taking a diving class, you will get a certification after completing all the sessions of the diving lesson. Make sure you have certification before diving to avoid undesirable things.

Rock climbing in El Nido

Aside from diving and island hopping, you can also try rock climbing. The famous rock climbing locations are around the Gulf of El Nido and Cadlao Island.

There are towering limestone formations and are very suitable for rock climbing. Another one is Taraw cliff that is famous for sharp rock formations that you cannot miss. Like diving, to do the rock climbing, make sure you understand the policies and security procedures to avoid accidents while climbing.

Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

Where to eat in El Nido?

Hunting for delicious food is also one of the activities that must be done when you visit El Nido. In addition to water and rock climbing activities, you must visit restaurants in El Nido, Palawan. Try a variety of local culinary and special foods there. Don’t just visit a restaurant that looks fancy, you may find a restaurant that looks entirely ordinary but can certainly serve exceptional food. Because it is a fishing city, you can enjoy the variety of seafood.

El Nido nightlife

Usually, on your tour package on hopping islands, you will be invited to visit a famous French restaurant there. La Salangane is a restaurant located next to Bacuit Bay and serves traditional Filipino food. Every night this restaurant makes various dishes according to the harvest season. In addition to restaurants, for those of you who like to hang out at night, you can visit some bars at the city center. Here visitors can enjoy good music every night. Visitors can even sing with them. Aside from restaurant and live band, there is also an excellent place to enjoy shisha.

You can enjoy imported and nicotine-free shisha at Habibi Restaurant and Shisha Café. This place has a unique interior and also provides a menu of traditional seafood and several types of drinks. You can order cocktails, beers, and coffee. Another place that you can visit to complement your culinary tour is Sea Slugs Bar and Restaurant.

Located along the beach of Bacuit Bay, this place is the busiest restaurant in the city. This restaurant is always crowded with visitors both day and night. This place is usually included in package tours in El Nido. After you have finished enjoying your island tour, stop by this restaurant to enjoy a seafood menu while resting after your trip. This restaurant provides a comfortable place, and at night the torches will be lit, and visitors can enjoy the night with live music. If you take the El Nido tour package, make sure you include this place in your tour package.

Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

El Nido on a budget

Maybe you think that visiting El Nido will cost you a lot. Take it easy, many tourists who come here with a tight budget but they can still have fun. There are some kinds of stuff that you should pay attention if you want to travel to El Nido with a tight budget. First, you must be on the lookout for choosing cheap airplane tickets here. To get affordable ticket prices on the island of the Philippines, you can use local airlines such as Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, and PAL.

In addition to choosing an airline, those of you who have planned to go to El Nido can buy tickets ahead of time. If you buy soon through an online site, usually they will offer an amazing price discount that is quite tempting. You can fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa then head to San Jose Terminal and take the bus going to El Nido.

Things To Do In El Nido Aside From Island Hopping

Smart Travel Tip

During peak seasons, usually, buses and other vehicles are very difficult to obtain, so it would be better if you book in advance through a travel agent or choose El Nido tour package that provides pickup services. To be able to fully explore and get a satisfaction in El Nido, it is highly recommended to stay at least for a week. You will need days to explore the islands and visit other famous tourist attractions.

Perhaps you’ll ask yourself where to stay in El Nido. Don’t worry, at El Nido, you will find many resorts, hotels, and lodging inns that provide a variety of facilities and at different rates. You can choose it depending on your needs. To be able to find cheap and comfortable lodging, it is suggested that you better arrange it before landing Puerto Princesa. It will be easier if you look for it with the help of a travel agent. Usually, travel agents provide various kinds of tour packages with multiple accommodation options while there. You can choose it according to the budget you want.

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