Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

You are here because you are looking for the best Philippines tourist attractions. When you hear the name of this country, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Beach? Island? Yes. The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of many islands and is one of the countries with the largest population.

The Philippines consists of more than 7,000 islands.

It is surrounded by clear sea with beautiful coral reefs. With so many islands and beaches, of course, the Philippines is the target of tourists, both domestic and foreign, to travel and explore the islands.

What are the attractions of the Philippines so that tourists target them?

Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

Here we will discuss the charms and some famous Philippines tourist attractions!

1. Exotic islands.

The islands in the Philippines are formed from a chain of volcanoes under the sea. Most of the islands have many mountains with tropical rainforests that are often caused by heavy rains. As a result of the frequent showers, many of the islands have natural rivers and waterfalls flowing to the side of the mountain. Finally, most of the islands in the Philippines, besides having tropical rainforests, are decorated with waterfalls, majestic caves, and stunning views of the rocks.

2. A very long coastline with fantastic beaches.

With a fantastic number of islands, with 7,107 islands, of course, the Philippines has a very long coastline. The overall total of the shoreline in the Philippines is 36,300 km and is famous for its white sand beaches. In addition to the sand, these beaches decorating with various tropical plants that further add to the beauty of the beaches. Besides beaches with white sand, one can also find some rocky shore, inland rivers bordered by mangrove trees, and even swamps.

Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

3. Monuments, museums, churches, and historical relics.

Manila, which is the capital of the Spanish colonial period, still leaves traces of that era. You can find historic places and buildings in Manila. Several famous places that are the destination of tourists visiting. Some of them are Intramuros, Manila Cathedral, and fortresses of stone that surround it. Intramuros is a 0.67-kilometer walled area located in the city of Manila. Inside Intramuros, you can find The Minor Basilica and the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, also called Manila Cathedral, while along the Intramuros area you will find several famous forts including Fort Santiago, Postigo del Palacio, and the Baluarte de San Diego. Not to forget there is a museum that will represent an ethnographic, anthropological, archeological and visual arts collection, the National Museum of Fine arts. You will need a day to explore this place.

4. Parks, hills, and mountains.

In addition to beaches and fortifications, the Philippines tourist attractions are spread out both in the city and inland areas. Inside the city of Manila, you can visit Rizal Park. Rizal Park’s name is taking from the name of the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, who was executed in the park in 1896.

There is a statue of Jose Rizal inside the Luneta Park and makes this place a place for relaxation and various other important events. Inside the park, there are also an amphitheater, restaurants, and other entertainment. You can also enjoy free concerts at the park, visit the Japanese gardens and planetariums in the Manila Ocean Park, the Museum of the Filipino People, and the National Library.

Getting out of the city of Manila, precisely in Luzon island, Batangas city, you can find Taal Volcano. This mountain is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Even though it is a keen mountain, Taal Volcano remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists who come to the Philippines. Also though the road to the summit is somewhat rough and tricky, afterward you can enjoy an amazingly beautiful view and fresh air.

Philippines Tourist Attractions: Experience The Charm of The Philippines

5. Cities in the Philippines with different tourist attractions.

The Philippines has many small towns with various exciting places that you can enjoy in them such as Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, Ilocos, and Baguio. You can start your adventure in the town of Manila. Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines, has many cultural and historical heritages that are very unfortunate to miss. You can see the former – the former Spanish influence in the past and visit historical buildings there. Then there is the city of Laguna which is located southeast of the city of Manila. In this city, you can find many landmarks, so many Philippines tourist attractions, both human-made and natural. You can also commemorate your childhood by visiting the Enchanted Kingdom amusement park in Sta. Rosa.

For those who love nature tourism, in this lagoon, you can go to Valesol Haven in Los Banos and Pagsanjan waterfalls. Mt. Makiling, or Taytay Falls. The next is Pampanga. Yes, Pampanga is popularly known as a culinary center in the Philippines. You can find various types of dishes here, from the traditional to the exotic. In this place, there are also many beautiful churches. If you visit at the right time, you can watch festivals in Pampanga such as the Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta and the Giant Lantern Festival.

Next is the city of Ilocos with a famous tourist destination, Ilocos Sur. Ilocos Sur is considered a place of historical and cultural treasure in the Philippines. In Vigan, the provincial capital, one can find Hispanic houses preserved completely with details including cobbled streets. Vigan was also declared a World Heritage Site. Aside from Ilocos Sur, there is Ilocos Norte where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach with its white sand in Pagudpud.

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Last is the city of Baguio. The city of Baguio is popularly known as the summer capital of the Philippines. The town was founded by America in 1900 and is a city centered on the tourism industry. You can visit several places while in this city, namely Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, and The Mansion. You can also enjoy the thrill of riding and appreciate strawberry farming. In Baguio, travelers can also shop for cheap clothes and sweets that are common favorites there.

6. Natural scenery and gardens.

In the Philippines, you can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of rice terraces and butterfly gardens. There are Rice Terraces in Banaue City, Luzon province, which is another UNESCO site. This terrace is flooded from the mountain stream and has been arranged to descend the garden and water all plants. Speaking of butterflies, you can enjoy the beauty of various types of plants and take a walk with more than 50 species of butterflies at Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, in the province of Cebu. Here you can also enjoy art exhibitions made of butterfly wings.

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