Zamboanga City Tourist Spots

The Philippines has many provinces that offer a great deal in terms of vacations. One of these provinces is Zamboanga City which is located in the South of the Philippines. There are several reasons why one may wish to visit Zamboanga, and this is just what we shall be highlighting here.

After my stay there I am convinced that this makes for a perfect vacation spot for many people who want a truly memorable holiday.

1. Beautiful beaches, waterfalls and natural attractions

If you love nature, swimming or simply walking along beaches, then Zamboanga can offer you several options. Sta. Cruz Island is one of the best tourist spots in Zamboanga City, for instance, has a unique looking beach with coral sand. There are also some beautiful waterfalls, magnificent caves that make for perfect diving spots, and much more!

2. Welcoming and safe

This place is simply comforting thanks to the very kind and welcoming people living here, and the safety that you will feel wherever you go. Besides, if you know some Spanish you will not have any problem communicating with the locals here.

3. The food

You will be able to savour some great cuisine here, particularly Malay dishes and, seafood. There are some restaurants worth checking out while you stay here, including the Bal Tay Mal Restaurant, the Sea Heights Diner, and the Alavar Seafood Restaurant.

4. Shopping

Zamboanga City offers some interesting shopping options, especially in the field of textiles. There are local tribes who come up with some truly artistic creations which you will certainly love. You will find everything from clothes, to purses, table runners, and the malong. You will also need to make sure to visit the Barter Market, which is a unique Zamboanga attraction in its own way!

5. Cultural and historical value

Zamboanga is unique in terms of its culture and history. You will be able to notice this as you see the locals and their way of life. It is also worth visiting the National Museum of Zamboanga while you are here as there are many interesting artifacts that go way back to the pre-colonial years.

This is an example of genuine Filipino life before the Spanish settled in. The local tribes living here are still very ardent with their traditions. Most people are Catholics but Islamic are still present quite strongly in Zamboanga and as a result diversity in beliefs and languages is very much present.

6. Luxurious resorts

Some people may have the misconception that the accommodation options are very rugged and traditional in Zamboanga. But this is hardly the case as there are some very luxurious and comfortable accommodations one may book at.

The Dakak Resort, for example, is renowned for its fancy stays. Here you will find private villas with Jacuzzis overlooking the wonderful natural settings. I personally stayed at one of the Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, and I must say that my holiday was made unforgettable thanks to this great resort, which is indeed as luxury as it can get!

Besides being located in a superb setting, Dapitan City offers a tranquillity, history, and lush scenery. Villa Angelina Luxury Suites are located in Taguilon, Dapitan City. This is about half an hour drive away from the Dipolog City Airport. The Villa Angelina Luxury Suites comprise over fifty casitas which are situated on a cliff that overlooks the sea.

So you can only imagine the beautiful scenery you will be able to enjoy when living in a villa on a seaside cliff. The Villa Angelina zone itself is exclusive to guests, and it is on a highland just over the Dakak Park & Beach Resort. As soon as you enter the gate you will notice the lovely fountain and the stylish common area, along with the infinity pool, gazebo, restaurant, and bar.

The exterior will surely mesmerize you, but once you go inside you will be equally amazed. Each room is elegantly designed and decorated, and very spacious. It has a rustic feel to it which will make you feel relaxed and cozy as you take in the lush interior.

The bathroom is another gorgeous matter. You will surely have your attention caught by the peek-a-boo shower. In the middle of the bathroom, there is a wall of transparent glass which makes this shower as unique as can be. Not to mention the high-quality bathroom essentials and finishes, and the spaciousness you will be able to enjoy it here.

The room also includes a posh workstation in one of the corners, complete with an LED TV. But I really think that you will be more interested in enjoying the outdoors while you are here, as the scenery and surrounding areas are simply breath-taking. The balcony will offer you a place where to enjoy all this, and you can do this while enjoying a Jacuzzi too!

Dakak Park and Beach Resort offer a wide range of amenities for the guests staying at the villas too. These include an infinity pool and a bar, several beach benches, and the superb warm tub. Make the most of unforgettable sunrises and sunsets while you stay here, as they are simply magical. And, you just have to try out some of the tours and activities that are available for tourists in Dapitan. These can be arranged easily at the Villa Angelina’s reception area, where the staff is really helpful and friendly.

The Villa Angelina Luxury Suites are highly recommended because they are exquisitely located and they offer a truly lush holiday experience. A perfect honeymoon spot for newlyweds, or for a romantic getaway, and definitely a posh option for singles who want to enjoy a really lavish vacation. I had a wonderful holiday here, and my visit to Zamboanga could not have been more amazing or unforgettable thanks to this exquisite accommodation.

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